A fun new pokemon roleplay taking place in a brand new region, with a world completely decided by the player.
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 Sophia Shekhinaga

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PostSubject: Sophia Shekhinaga   Mon Apr 06, 2015 10:42 pm

Full Name: Sophia Shekhinaga  Nickname: Black Rose
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Paradisa
Class: Gym Leader

Appearance: Sophia has been described as beautiful and lovely to be around. Her red hair is easily spotted as it seems to be rare. She has a special roller to keep her hair up. Her dress is red and white and have puffed out sleeves. It accentuates her figure quite nicely and flows around to the back of her legs. Under that is a skirt and her thigh highs, both black, and those stream down to her black ballet slippers. She wears a nice ruby necklace around her neck. Oddly colored eyes and a red choker round off her usual attire. {99 words... wth}

Personality: Sophia is a kind and gentle soul and would jump in front of a car to save a child. She is soft spoken but people tend to listen to her... for some reason. She tends to get a bit off track when she finds something that interests her, sometimes going as far as to completely forget what she was suppose to be doing. However... Sophia's personality becomes... thorny to say the least when she is in a Gym battle. It doesn't happen with casual battles or practice just with her Badge battle. Sh seems to take delight in these battle more so than others and becomes mildly merciless in her handling of the Trainer she is facing. Though... she reverts after the battle is over and cries a little and tries to heal both the Trainer and the hurt pokemon.
Likes: Plants, Ambitious people, Determination
Dislikes: Pokemon cruelty, Destroying nature
Fears: Dying alone, Hurting someone, Losing her Meganium
Other: Her Meganium is the most precious thing in the world to her. Bisexual.

History: Sophia had a nice life... she traveled around at the standard age of 10 for her Trainer life. She did pretty good and collected a lot of badges... she only ever got six before she got a really important call from her hometown. This call led her into the celebration of her inheritance of being the new Gym Leader of her town.. Oh? I didn't mention that Sophia's mother was the old leader? Well I just did then. This was the greatest achievement in her life... the six badges held little in comparison to this moment. Though those still hold a nice piece of her past... and she keeps them on her person to this day in hopes that she might take on the Elite for and the last two gyms. Sophia's life up to this point has been pretty mundane though but she loves the closeness of the community and the way she can spend time with her parents. In her four years as a gym leader she has only ever given out five badges. Though this year... this year has been exciting as she meet the most lovely woman eight months ago... and the relationship has really hit it off. Prof. was visiting for some research into grass types and no one was better to ask than Sophia. They talked for hours and hours that night and the conversation had long stopped being about pokemon and after what seemed like forever... Sophia leaned in and kissed her right there. That was the beginning of that. Sophia's life is filled with helping her neighbors but she's a bit sad lately... she can't leave town to see the Prof. as much as she wants.

Starter Pokemon: Meganium, Sceptile, Exeggutor, Abomasnow, Ludicolo, Ferrothorn
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PostSubject: Re: Sophia Shekhinaga   Mon Apr 06, 2015 10:48 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Sophia Shekhinaga   Mon Apr 06, 2015 10:48 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Sophia Shekhinaga   

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Sophia Shekhinaga
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