A fun new pokemon roleplay taking place in a brand new region, with a world completely decided by the player.
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 Beatrice Daniels - FINISHED

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PostSubject: Beatrice Daniels - FINISHED   Beatrice Daniels - FINISHED I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 07, 2015 11:30 am

Beatrice Daniels - FINISHED Choco_baby_by_Red_Priest_Usada_zps675d0bc7

Full Name: Beatrice "B", "Danny" Daniels
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Hearthome City
Class: Ranger

Appearance: Beatrice is a young, beautiful girl. She was a wild mane of reddish brown hair and deep brown eyes. Her skin tone is tanned to dark-skinned because of her many hours outside in the sun. She's not too tall but not too short, at 1m60cm height and she's thin, but not in a way that would be considered unhealthy. Expressing her love for dark themes, she wears gothic clothes, with her favorite outfit and the one being used for her travwling being the one in the picture above. Many people believe she's just a show-off for travelling in such an iutfit but, as a response, her exact words are "These are the comfiest clothes I have ever worn"

Personality: Many call her a punk, depressed, emo. Truth is that, although Beatrice expresses a love for goth themes and punm music, she's none of the above. Beatrice is tough for sure. She will do anything to get what she wants. That does not mean she uses other people, she tends to avoid that. That comes from her extreme honesty and her inability to lie, even for embarassing matters. She is also a major flirt, hitting on every good looking guy and girl she sees. She never hid that she's bisexual. She is also loyal and protective, but hot-tempered and stubborn. She always walks with her head held high and her pride is one thing you should never challenge. The good thing is that she's also quite intelligent, which gives her the advantage of being able to know when she's right or wrong, when she's won or lost, even if most times she decides to ignore the nagging voice in her head and acts by her heart's instructions
Likes: Meat, pasta, punk and rock music, pizza, dark colours
Dislikes: Pop, dubstep, elrctro and similar kinds of music, vegetables and pink
Fears: Bugs, being left alone (which causes her flirting tendances), dark

History: Beatrice is the only child of the Daniels family. Her father was a Trainer and her mother a Coordinator, but once they met, fell in love and got married, decided to turn towards the breeding business. They are quite successful, which is why Beatrice grew up in a nice and luxurious environment. Her love for pokemon was expressed even as a child, when she used to stand in front of the incubators and stare at the newly hatched pokemons for hours. While she grew up, her nannies were her father's fighting Charisar and her mother's competitor Gardevoir. Her parents tried to persue her to follow their steps but it was clear from the beggining she wasn't ready to settle down. Then they started each to attempt and make her as themselves, a trainer or a coordinator. They were quute surprised when, at the age of 15, she announced to then she wanted to become a Ranger. A few weeks later, Beatrice helped her mother hatch a Vulpix egg. She was the first one to touch the newborn's soft fur and they became close friends immediatly. A few months ago from the present, the day of her 17th birthday, she decided it was time to follow her dreams. Her parents realised they couldn't stop her and they gave her their blessing, wishing some day she would return. Then she left, along with the now 2 years old Vulpix

Starter Pokemon: Vulpix
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Beatrice Daniels - FINISHED
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