A fun new pokemon roleplay taking place in a brand new region, with a world completely decided by the player.
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 Trainer Class List

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PostSubject: Trainer Class List   Sun Apr 05, 2015 10:13 pm

Pokemon Trainer- The basic trainer. They are people who seek to train and catch different pokemon and train them for battles. These people very commonly roam on journeys but they can live in one town. A pokemon trainer also commonly carriers a pokedex with them, just in case.

Pokemon- This is quite simple, its a pokemon. A creature with different types of elemental abilities and powers. I dont feel I should need to explain what they are. Pokemon can speak from some form of external method. You are not allowed to roleplay or have caught a legendary without admin permission.

Pokemon Gym Leader/Elite Four/Champion- These are people who have spent time mastering their craft and are some of the best fighters in the region. There are eight leaders, four elite and one champion. They are able to start with a full team but aren't able to leave their respective town much. All of them except for the champion specialize in one type. Please ask an admin to rp one if you wish.

Pokemon Coordinator- These are people who typically journey and catch pokemon, but are more interested in the appeal of pokemon and how they do in contests. They like to lead pokemon in this endeavor and strive to recieve ribbons or to beat the competition at their craft. They are known to come up with different combinations of pokemon attacks to try and appeal more to a crowd.

Pokemon Ranger- These are people who dont typically capture alot of pokemon, but are instead known for protecting wild pokemon. They dont typically keep their pokemon in balls and are very friendly with pokemon.

Pokemon Breeder- These are people who like to raise and breed different pokemon. They are good at handling eggs and helping care for pokemon. They can do anything from hair grooming to egg hatching.
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Trainer Class List
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