A fun new pokemon roleplay taking place in a brand new region, with a world completely decided by the player.
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PostSubject: Professor Clara Louise Minerva   Professor Clara Louise Minerva I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 06, 2015 1:36 am

Professor Clara Louise Minerva Img-thing?

Full Name: Professor Clara Louise Minerva, aka "Pokemon Professor" or "Prof"
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Slateport City
Class: Pokemon Professor (Custom Class)

Appearance: Clara stands at a shorter height for her age, with a petite build and is quite skinny. She has long black hair that reaches her bottom that she normally wears straight down and not styled. She has matching eyes that are piercing and normal size. She normally wears a black dress shirt and a white labcoat. Sometimes she can wear a green tie as well but this is rare. Below this she always wears a purple skirt that can be of varying lengths. She also wears black boots and her glasses, which allow her to see. Sometimes she wears contacts, but that is only when she is going to fancier parties and such.

Personality: Clara is a very nice soul. She was born kind and always tries to help whoever is in need. She is especially nice to young trainers and does whatever she can to help them. Clara was born very smart and pretty nerdy. She was always at the top of her class, especially when it comes to pokemon. She believes in friendship with pokemon above all else, even though she believes in things such as researching the physiology and sociology of them. She will do anything to stop pokemon from being abused. She is not the greatest battler but is not to be trifled with. She could very well be a gym leader, but that is not what she is into. She is kinda shy when faced with respectable peers and when outside of her lab. She would never admit it, but she is also very lonely in the lab and searches for companionship, male or female. Bringing up the subject of romance usually just results in a blush though.  
Likes: Pokemon, Children, Her work, Helping Others, Chick Flicks, Jubilee City
Dislikes: Mean people, Pokemon Abusers, Fruit, Heights, Large Groups of People
Fears: Heights, Fruit, Large Groups of People
Other: Nothing much.

History: Clara was born to a small family in Slateport City. She spent almost every day of her childhood at the beach or at the contest hall. She loved watching pokemon and dreamed of a day that she could one day have her own pokemon. Things got worse for her once she started school. She was the typical nerd kid and not many people really wanted to be her friend. She kinda sat in the corner as she wasnt much of a talker. On Clara's tenth birthday, her father went out to the local route and caught and Electrike before giving her to his daughter. Clara was very happy to have a pokemon and named her Voltz, before heading off to Fiore to try her adventure. It was there that she met the great Professor Oak, who was studying there at the time. She learned under him and eventually decided she wanted to be a pokemon professor as well. She then went to a very prestigious pokemon university, being one of the few people to actually graduate. She then established a pokemon lab in Fiore and has been living there since. Eventually she ended up meeting Shaymin, the gratitude pokemon, as Shaymin had selected her as its trainer. Clara was unsure of how to react but took in the pokemon, as it needed a place to live.

Starter Pokemon:
Voltz the Manectric
Navi the Togekiss
Claws the Weavile
Draco the Flygon
Zuzu the Azumarill
Little Clara the Shaymin (chooses not to use a ball and rides on her shoulder or on her lap or something)
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Professor Clara Louise Minerva
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